Wednesday, June 19, 2013

10 Tips Of How To Make A Loving Connection.

10 Tips For Making Loving Connections Fast!

You know sometimes in the hustle of everyday life, it's easy
to forget to tell our loved ones just what they mean to us.  But don't be put off as it doesn't have to
take a lot of planning.  Love is in the
little details that make up our lives. You’ll find me I’m Genovieve Relationship Solution Therapist in Wycombe, and even though  I Coach others, I

Monday, June 3, 2013

Build A Lasting Relationship

Understanding Change In Relationships

Hi I'm Genovieve Relationship Therapeutic Coach, I have so many clients who feel like they are missing something because of change. How have you been with Change? When something changes, how do your react? Our relationships is bound change; nothing stays the same.  Sometimes it changes subtly and the ride is smooth. Other times the change can be